For contactless check-in operations for any kind of space businesses.


Fully complied to your local government

KEYVOX Check-in Tablet is a free tablet app that allows you to easily perform self-check-in in just a few steps in cooperation with KEYVOX PMS (* a separate contract is required). You can check in with the reservation number of various OTAs and the QR code dedicated to KEYVOX reservations. After check-in, the PIN code of the smart lock and the key sharing QR for the guest app will be displayed. Ideal for unmanned hotels and rental spaces.

work with

  • iPad​

  • Android

No credit card required





  • Multilingual

  • Check-in with QR code or reservation number

  • Capture passport and face picture

  • Show PIN only after checked-in

  • ​Share key by scanning QR code

  • ​Multiple rooms reservation compatible

No credit card required


Access to all rooms


Display of the remaining battery level of the key

Unlocking / locking operation

Issuance of a key (PIN) for a limited time

Display of management number

  • place

  • Door (room)

  • Key (smart lock)

  • group

  • user

Batch unlock / batch lock operation

No credit card required


No credit card required


Single page


  • Calendar display

  • Monthly calendar

  • Reservation status

  • Room allocation management

  • Automatic allocation

  • Room allocation change

  • Reservation management

  • Neppan! , AirHost, Beds24

  • Works with Google Calendar

  • Customer management

  • Report management

  • Daily sales report

  • Monthly sales report

  • Deposit report



Complete integration with



Reservation details

Key delivery status

Key / reservation sharing QR

Get reservations with the guest app

  • Deposit management

  • Customer app integration status

  • Show if you got the key with the Go app

  • Show if you have verified your identity with the Go app

  • Payment status display

No credit card required


No credit card required


Hour calendar best fits for hour rental.

  • Hourly rental status

  • Familiar weekly display

  • Easy room selection

  • Key delivery status

  • You can check the delivery status of the key by color

  • Key / reservation sharing QR

  • Can be linked with the key app for guests

  • Customer management

  • Google Calendar integration

  • Can be linked with various rental space platforms

  • Inventory coordination



Fastest realtime



Unlocking / locking history

  • Date and time

  • username

  • Smart lock

  • Door (room)

  • Operation details (unlocking / locking / user registration, etc.)

  • Operation method (app, NFC card, PI


  • Unlocking history by user

  • username

  • date

  • First unlock time of the day

  • Last unlocking time of the day

  • CSV batch download

No credit card required

No credit card required

Access control

Flexible Access

Key registration & list display

  • place

  • Door (room)

  • Number of smart locks installed

  • Number of accessible groups

  • Number of accessible users

  • Access authority setting

  • [1] Issuance of keys (below) for a limited time

  • PIN

  • NFC card

  • Smartphone app

  • [2] Unlocking authority setting

  • For each user

  • For each group

  • Access setting notification

  • SMS

  • Email



KYC by AI bot


  • Face photo / ID card cooperation

  • Cooperation with KEYVOX tablet check-in

  • Cooperation with KEYVOX Go and various OEM guest appsApprove / Denial button

  • Denial / approval by the operator after confirming the registration information

  • Approval / Denial History

  • AI authentication history confirmation

No credit card required


No credit card required


Smart-locker integration

  • Smart locker management

  • Usage situation

  • Usage history

  • Status change

  • Forced unlock

  • Cooperation with guest key at the time of reservation

  • Individual box details display



Flexible business type


  • Various registration / settings

  • place

  • Room (door)

  • Smart lock

  • group

  • user

  • NFC card

  • Display keys around the world on a map

    Control on one screen

  • Check status such as battery level

  • Start space business immediately

  • CSV batch upload

No credit card required


For property owners


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Mobile number verification.

Setting in WEB admin.


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