• Cross-platform WEB, iOS, Android compatible

  • Mobile responsive

  • State-of-the-art user experience

  • Guests can complete a reservation with just one click

  • Host just links to the URL

  • Smart lock cooperation (charged)

No credit card required

BOOKINGX completes your space business booking operations.

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Copy & Pasete to your site.

The BOOKING X reservation engine is a reservation engine for WEB which is closely linked with various KEYVOX services. It brought what it can do with KEYVOX to the world of the WEB as it is. Facility owners will be able to take reservations simply by putting a link on their website. You no longer have to worry about linking with the reservation system.

The monthly fee is free and you can get up to 1,000 reservations.

* If you choose credit card payment, a separate reservation payment fee will be charged.

No credit card required



Mobile ready


You can use iOS and Android apps for free as well as mobile browsers.

Supported platforms

  • PC browser

  • Mobile browser

  • iOS app (KEYVOX Go, My KEYVOX)

  • Android app (KEYVOX Go, My KEYVOX)

No credit card required

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Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 9.10.59.png


Maps ready

  • Plot multiple facilities on a map

  • Supports search from your current location on your smartphone

  • Excellent operability equivalent to Google Map search

  • Easily make reservations from the map

  • Easy to set public / private

No credit card required



Smartlocks ready


Easily works with smart locks that work with KEYVOX services such as BCL-XP1.

  • Get the key the moment you make a reservation

  • Reservation can be extended or canceled with simple steps

  • Link with the app with the same ID

  • The app also supports unlocking with Bluetooth

No credit card required

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Easy WEB admin

Easy management by the administrator on the KEYVOX WEB management screen

  • Confirmation of reservation

  • Reservation modification

  • Confirmation of identity verification information

  • Confirmation and change of payment information

  • Occupancy report

  • Deposit report

No credit card required



Various intgrations


Smart lock



  • igloohome etc.

Accommodation business

  • Neppan!

  • Airhost

  • MinpakuIN

  • Anshin IoT

  • AirXpress

Hourly rental

  • Google calendar

No credit card required



Booking API

Want more customization?

You can easily integrate it into your own site with the reservation API. For more information, please check the developer portal, developer forum, and Gitlab at the links below.

* The reservation API will be released in 1Q 2021.


No credit card required


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